About us

Passion for building brands and for transforming businesses

We understand, we study and we reinvent ourselves. We seek to find the singular truth behind each brand. We rethink the logic, design worth and sow differentiation.

In essence, we are a creative consulting firm. We work design into processes, thoughts and brand expression. Through experience, we transform business and build culture. We possess the know-how to plan the future and generate growth through innovation.

Since 2002, we are Pande, we are a team. We are designers, planners, entrepreneurs. We are client, market and consumer.

We take strategy to the center of our creativity and creativity to the center of our strategy. We awaken the brand culture in each person that involves themselves in it.

All of us

Check out all of our team members

Fernando Faria

Chief Executive Officer

Marta Cardoso

Chief Creative Officer

Cristina Pacini

Chief Financial Officer

Gian Rocchiccioli

Chief Strategy Officer

Alessandra Diniz

Director of Business

Rui Cardoso Ribeiro

In charge of General Services

Hildebrando Boccia

Controllership manager

Alexandre Colin

Business manager

Camila Della Monica

Business manager

Fabiana Talá

Business manager

Regina Gobbi

Business assistant

Isadora Rios

Lucia Santos

Producer Graphic

Alessandro Barbosa


Elaine Habara

Art finalist

Fabio Gravina

Art finalist

Hugo Freitas

Creative Director

Thiago Belas

Waldir Boaretto


Bruno Didario

Camila Reisinger Ferreira

Isis Wolf

Marcello Caetano

Marta Macari

Mission, vision and values

Our philosophy


To be creative, daring and understanding, to engage, seduce and inspire people in the construction of desirable brands capable of generating value.


To become one of Latin America’s most renowned and admired design offices by 2017.


INTEGRITY – Ethics, transparency and consistency in everything we do.

PROFESSIONALISM – Absolute commitment to excellence.

TEAMWORK – Sharing knowledge, support and resources among all of us: staff, clients and suppliers.


The business management is imperative to assure the quality of Pande work

Here, creativity walks hand-in-hand with the management of our very business. The quality of our ideas is also the result of hard work in planning and sustainability, and we are here to prove that creation also feeds on processes, organization and focusing upon good results.
Business management is one of our main focuses of attention, as this helps to guarantee not only the fulfillment of deadlines but also the highest level of delivery, service and every job we commit ourselves to.

All the stages of our work are computerized and processed into our very own made-to-measure creative system, built in partnership with a specialist IT company. We were the pioneers in Brazil to implant this system, and we chose to share it with any other agency that wished to work this way too.
We work this way because we have the understanding that brand worth is something that is built day by day and based upon its business strategy. This is what we transmit to our clients, but we start right here first, with ourselves.

What we don't do

Free pitches

Working without remuneration is not good business for anyone.
Therefore, we say no to all competition without remuneration.
We believe that collaboration, partnership and comprehension are the basis for a job well done. Any competition that does not recognize the true worth of our labor, is also not worthy of our recognition.

Unethical work

We wish to increasingly improve the lives of our collaborators and of all the people involved with our profession. We do not like to work with either people or companies that do not adopt an honest, loyal or humane posture. No result or advantage, whatsoever, can compromise our work and our own image, both as a brand and the people we are.

Exclusive Contracts

We have created original and efficient solutions for each of our clients, as well as guarantee the secrecy of all our work throughout the process. As we are specialists in what we do, we are increasingly exposed to companies with conflictive interests. We cannot offer exclusivity to any client without a reciprocal commitment on their part.


Quality of our work

Management tool

Our extranet is a project management tool provided by PANDE to its customers. Through this tool, is possible to check online and in real time, the project development, the historical of the project as well as the approval status of all people in charge involved on the process, avoiding, thereby, the need of signatures in printed materials, making the process faster, practical and safe.

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