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Kellogg is a world leader in the production of cereals and the second largest company in the biscuits, savories and snacks sector, and always strives to enrich and delight the world with brands and products that really make a difference.




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As a pioneer in the cereal bars market for children, Kellogg is extending its line of small Sucrilhos® cereal bars.
Nutrition, flavor and fun conveniently delivered by a brand that is a reference in breakfast cereals: that is Kellogg’s bet in the cereal bar segment.


The company has decided to expand its line of products for children with the delicious and innovative small Sucrilhos® Ricemallow and Sucrilhos® Chocomallow cereal bars, made of rice flakes and marshmallow, and which are a source of 5 vitamins.


The challenge confided to Pande was to develop a Visual Identity for the new small cereal bars within the Sucrilhos® line of products. The new identity should be differentiated from the ordinary cereal bars, while keeping elements of the line’s visual identity.


The creative path took into consideration the new line’s three pillars: Flavor, Energy and Fun. In order to depict fun and flavor, the starting point was to understand the visual codes of marshmallow in Brazil and their translation into a new identity, comprising elements that reinforce that differential in the category, including typographic elements, shapes, colors and a background conveying sensations such as softness and flavor. As for energy, it is represented by the active Tony® character and by the dynamism of the packaging as a whole.


The project’s results are the vibrant and attractive packaging that outstand on gondola shelves, by breaking off the category’s codes and reinforcing the innovative proposal of the Sucrilhos® Ricemallow and Sucrilhos® Chocomallow cereal bars.

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