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What we do

Creative essence with business awareness

We take the creativity to the center of the business and the strategic thinking into the center of creativity.
We seek understanding through daring, apply know-how with liberty and produce depth through inspiration.

We manage to work this way because we look to the people beyond the brands.
The team we mount is varied. We mix the creative talent with the client and draw varied visions on the same question.

We understand the challenges and we learn, as one, to ask the pertinent questions.
Thus values become mixed with products; feelings gain form and function.

We have created a methodology for each type of work; ever simple, involving and inspiring.
This provides our guarantee for transforming ideas into actions.

Brand Strategy

Our goal is to understand the universe of value your business is in, comprehend the markets in which you operate, who the principal players are, and how the relationships with stakeholders are built. So we carefully consider the economic, social and cultural context of your business.

We aim to rethink the logic of creation and value delivery and generation by your organization. With this, we are able to speed up your capacity of generating relevant value for your customers and prospects.

During this stage, we define a set of strategic guidelines that will engage leadership and motivate your teams enabling them to deliver success-driven projects.


In order to rethink the logic of creation and value delivery and generation by your organization, it’s important to have access to the most advanced tools, such as professional experts, innovative investigative methodologies and research that meet each of your needs. Pande has a team made up of professionals that are capable of accurately choosing; among many methodologies and processes available in the market, the one that best suits each project reality. In addition to conducting research with our internal team, Pande keeps partnerships with a selected group of Research Institutes capable of providing all necessary support during the process. It is part of our expertise to select, evaluate and constantly qualify our group of research partners.

Trends & Market Analysis

Rethinking the value proposal of an organization requires, in many cases, a deeper understanding of the lifestyle and behavior of its stakeholders. Our staff can help you by providing strategic insights about the main trends in the category of your business. A glance at emerging trends is always a fundamental step to enable your organization to produce future strategies for your business.

Brand Essence

The essence of a brand is a clear and objective description of feelings that define and give meaning to the brand in the consumer’s mind, assuring its coherence and relevance throughout time. The real meaning of the brand is a statement that expresses its values in a very objective way, so as to connect the main rational and emotional aspects of the brand.

Brand Value Proposition

The definition of a Brand Value Proposition is essential in order for the brand to be clear about the most important emotional benefit* offered. It’s the expression of its truth. It describes what the brand can do in terms of persuasiveness, being believable and unique, which is the reason why the brand will be chosen by customers. It is based on a deep understanding of the company and its consumers.

* The emotional benefits are always stronger than the rational ones and they remain unique in the consumers’ minds for a much longer time period.

Brand Architecture

Brand Architecture is one of the ways to organize the business, products and services of a brand within pre-defined criteria. Successful Brand Architecture must organize the structure of the brand portfolio by specifying its roles, the nature of relationships between them and different contexts of product and market. It must create clarity, synergy and leverage while avoiding a dispersed focus.

Main Benefits of Brand Architecture:

  • It increases the equities of each brand that makes up the portfolio, the strength and value of the “umbrella” brand;
  • It facilitates the introduction of new products and services, starting from a clear and objective context;
  • It optimizes the structure of an organization;
  • It facilitates the process of mergers and/or acquisitions;
  • It optimizes the communication strategy of the company.

Brand Platform

The Brand Platform is the tool that consolidates the main strategic components of the brand. It is represented by the definition of the essence (feeling), positioning (space in mind) and attributes (differential meanings), which will consolidate its Value Proposition (brand value offer), clarifying its main differences vis-à-vis the competition and guiding its expression strategy to the target audience.

The base of a good Brand Platform:

  • Credibility – People should believe in it;
  • Relevance – People should care about the promise;
  • Uniqueness – No other company can truly own it;
  • Durability – It should be lasting and sustainable throughout time;
  • Inspiration – It should involve people emotionally.

Brand Expression

Com as principais diretrizes estratégicas para a construção de valor definidas, disponibilizamos, para seu negócio, um conjunto de ferramentas que nos ajudam a traduzir esta estratégia em expressões visuais e verbais, capazes de criar as condições necessárias para que a experiência entre sua marca e seus públicos de interesse seja sempre única, diferenciada e relevante.

Verbal Identity

The guidelines of a brand’s voice are represented by a clear definition of the verbal language structure used to communicate with its target audience. The more it’s consistent and aligned with the positioning and essence of the brand, the stronger the brand will be. The definition of the Brand Voice allows your company to reinforce all expressions of the brand in every point of contact and to build a coherent and consistent discourse in the long run.

Brand Naming

Great names are the key for great brands.

A naming project is the most efficient way to find suitable names for companies, products or services. A good name must be effective, dynamic and capable of engaging and inspiring the main characteristics that the brand seeks to represent.

PANDE combines creativity and strategy through a unique methodology that starts with the definition of the criteria for the creation of the name that will drive the development of the brand and that will help our clients build brand awareness and a winning positioning.

The benefits of a good Naming project are:

  • Create Differentiation;
  • Reinforce the positioning;
  • Be memorable / inspiring;
  • Create a positive perception.

Brand Identity

Usually the most visible expression of a “Brand Identity” is its logo. The Logo is the corporate signature, the icon of the brand and the flag through which customers do business with a company. However, Brand Identity is not only composed by its logo. A Brand Identity project considers the construction of the main visual equities that will help build the Brand Identity, which are: brand colors, typography, photographic style, graphic support elements, etc.

At Pande, the development of a Brand Identity does not begin until we identify all functional and image criteria that should drive the design concept. The Brand Identity must reflect both the positioning and the desired brand image.

Look & Feel

After determining the main components of the Brand Identity, we have the Look & Feel tool to define how these elements must work in order to build, in a synergistic and cooperative way, the desired brand image and visual equities.

Structural Design

The Structural Design of packaging is an incomparable tool of differentiation. Pande combines functional, technical solutions plus its experience to develop three-dimensional packaging that always put our client’s product one-step ahead. In a Structural Design project, one of the main points is the understanding that the physical and emotional interactions are responsible for building a decisive experience for the consumer.

Graphic Design

We believe that brands deserve to build distinctive and unique stories. Therefore, we strive to tell these stories through its visual expressions that are communicated through graphic design at different points of contact such as:

  • PACKAGING – A good approach makes your product practically jump into the consumer basket. Because of this, the packing should express an unique personality that distinguishes it from the competitors and expresses the brand essence.
  • COMMUNICATION WITH TRADE AREA – The success of a new product can be improved with good actions that engaged the trade area and supports the sales team in the communication of releases.
  • EDITORIAL – Associated to the brand’s voice, the editorial parts (brochures / catalogs / manuals / direct mailing) are responsible for establish a direct dialogue with brand public.
  • CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS – Reports should also carry the DNA of the brand, transmitting the brand values to the market through the sustainability annual reports.
  • ENDOMARKETING COMMUNICATION – The spread of brand culture is communicated through the actions of internal communication that should transmit the brand language. Often this language is slightly different from that used for other audiences.
  • MISCELLANEOUS APPLICATION – To make a consistent brand identity, it’s important that every communication part expresses its look and feel from a simple pen to its fleet of vehicles (fleet / stationery / office items / uniforms / giveaways / etc.).

Live Marketing

Whether in the street, in the store, at work or at home
Brands are where the people are at.
For this reason, we create live experiences that intensify this relationship
And construct real stories between products and consumers.
Actions that approach, involve and engage people with the brands themselves.

– Environmentalization at the POS
– Structural projects, store in store and category management
– Incentive campaigns
– Promoting
– Events and sales conventions

Brand Culture

The Brand Culture is the vehicle through which employees of a company can effectively generate value for shareholders, experience the brand’s values, and solve problems and make decisions in order to deliver an unforgettable and powerful experience to the customers. For a brand to become relevant and sustainable in a long-term basis, it must function like culture -- a company must clearly determine the vision it believes in and then act accordingly. Everything the company does, each product or service offered, each public statement, internal policy or memo, every business decision must be in line with this vision.

To assist our customers in the implementation of a consistent Brand Culture, we provide tools capable of supporting all your needs.

Brand Culture Activation

The Brand Culture Activation is not a theory but a natural step in the evolution of brands. We believe that after the development of a brand strategy, there must be a strategy allowing a brand to spread throughout the company. The Brand Culture Activation can be done in several situations: through products and services, employees, identity or communication.

Brand Experience

A winning business model only consolidates itself if it’s capable of attracting, enchanting and creating connections with its different stakeholders (customers, employees, investors, stockholders, suppliers etc.). And it’s experienced by the consumer at any moment of contact with the brand, from the simplest to the most elaborate one.

To build a unique and memorable experience, it is necessary to understand the brand concept and align its proposed experiences with its DNA and positioning, in a “promise and delivery” process.

PANDE aims to assist you in this step, to build and maintain the brand expressions, as we believe we can help your company build a consistent, charming and sustainable communication.

Brand Studio

Brand Studio is an exclusive, proprietary Pande tool designed to deeply root corporate culture within organizations.


Innovation today goes far beyond access to technology or the development of the product. These days, it has become a business strategy designed to guarantee competitiveness. Because we understand the importance of all this, we help our clients to rethink, develop and evolve both their concepts of innovation and the innovation process itself. Through Brand Innovation methodology, we develop different projects for companies, whether applied to products, processes or services, in conjunction with the client (process of co-creation and collaboration) and with the expressed aim of:

• finding creative, differentiated, or unusual solutions.

• building effective worth for the business.

• developing and building an innovative culture.

Brand Innovation

Considering that the brand and the capability of creation and innovation are currently the main factors of competitiveness of corporations, Brand Innovation is a methodology that puts together the development of ideals and innovation with the brand positioning proposition, resulting into relevant valuable solutions for the business and its consumers.

Workshop of Design Thinking

Through a design thinking approach, along with a concept of collective intelligence, we design co-creation workshops based on the formation of multi-disciplinary teams for the development of innovation projects and/or team enablement. Each workshop is conceived and tailored for the individual client, and for each challenge or problem that needs solving.

Our understanding is that design thinking is the way to approach the problem, rather than any standard template solution.
We therefore design a scope and specific format for each project.

The aim is to stimulate the building of people’s creative culture and creative potential, in order to design new ways of contemplating brands, problems, solutions and products; thereby obtaining practical high-impact and particularly innovative and profitable results.

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